Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday, October 7, 2005

Only the damned are not improved by death.


M & I heard the Harmonic Brass München at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. A delightful evening. Entering from the back of the church, the quintet played the “Masterpiece Theatre theme” (Jean-Joseph Mouret), perhaps not a selection that distinguishes a group. In the first half, there was Vivaldi, Bach, Bizet (themes from Carmen, of course), and Ravel (Bolero, of course), but I enjoyed most André Campra’s Rigaudon from Idoménée, which the church’s organist Al Fedak joined the group in playing; and in the second, Anitra’s Dance from Peer Gynt, Solemn Entry by Richard Strauss, Romanza by Rafael Mendez, in which the second trumpet, Jürgen Gröblehner, took the lead, and a terrific encore featuring the group’s stupendous tuba player, Manfred Häberlein. The other members of Harmonic Brass are Hans Zellner, first trumpet, who also arranged most of the music, Andreas Binder, French horn, who introduced most of the pieces, and the youngest member, Thomas Lux, trombone. This was the group’s first concert in a 10-day tour of 10 cities.

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