Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The 153rd Anniversary of the Dedication of our Cathedral.

I think that it is better for the (main) organ and the choir to be behind the congregation and facing the altar, rather to be behind or with the priest and facing the congregation. They would then be supportive of the congregation, and the choir would not be visually distracting.

People who signed up for ministries on “Sign-up Sunday” have still not been gotten in touch with. What does this tell them about the sincerity of the now obligatory assertions that the people are the real church, the body of Christ, and each of us important members?

After Mass we had cookies in the cathedral and then drove down 9J for a nice brunch at the Riverview Cafe in Stuyvesant.


Have you ever had the intuition that something at Mass was missing? Does the divergence between what the Church says Mass is, and how ministers act today, ever leave your faith shaken? Ever wonder why so many in the church think this way? And why even some church authorities ignore the existence of a problem? Are you perplexed that so many of those in charge of liturgy today seem to think that the holiness of God is unimportant? And have you ever wanted to know what the historical causes of this crisis might be?
Notes of a Thirsty Scribe, in the blog post The Mass and Modernity—An evening at Toronto‚Äôs Oratory concerning the book The Mass and Modernity by Father Jonathan Robinson.



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