Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005

Jake gave me for Christmas The Way of Silent Love by “a Carthusian.” A quote:

One of the most beautiful definitions of a monk is that he is a man of desire. . . . The day when he feels full to overflowing, he ceases to be a monk—and is living an illusion.

How many of our religious writers try to give the impression that they feel full to overflowing! The Carthusian adds:

God never surfeits us with the gift of himself but creates in us an ever larger capacity for love and, having done this, he replenishes us with a desire, a thirst, more ardent still. And it will always be this way with God for eternity without end, because God is without end. If we arrive at the end, it is not God.


Am moving some things to blogs in anticipation of leaving hello.

Optical Illusion by Mary Murphy.


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