Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunday, February 27, 2006

O had a sore throat on Friday. On Saturday she developed cold symptoms. During the night before Sunday dawn she woke up saying she was having a hard time breathing. She took two doses of Albuterol as usual, but they didn't help, so she took a third. In the morning she needed more Albuterol, and we called the pediatrician. Though it was Sunday morning the office was open, with Dr. L covering. We took O in. Dr. L gave two nebulizer treatments, which seemed to work. We went home at 11:30, stopping at CVS to get Pulmicort and at Bruegger's to pick up some bagels. At 1:30 O had trouble breating again. We called Dr. L, who advised us to take her to the ER. We went to Albany Med, which started more nebulizer treatments as well as oral Prednisone. The nebulizer treatments appeared to help at least temporarily, but the wheezing did not go away. Her heart rate increasing, O started getting Xopenex instead of Albuterol. A saline drip was started, and O was now receiving IV magnesium. In the evening it was decided to admit her. She (and M) spent the night on a pediatric floor, where O received more nebulizer treatments and a Prednisone drip. In the morning her pediatrician Dr. S examined her. Though she was still wheezing, Dr. S thought that if O felt comfortable with the idea, we could go home and continue with the nebulizer and oral Prednisone. He assured us that it was unlikely that we would find ourselves in the ER again tonight. So we are home. I picked up the medications (had to go to two CVS pharmacies to fill the three prescriptions), and the nebulizer apparatus was delivered and demonstrated to us. We ate leftover hummus and Chinese food and enjoyed a DVD of Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. It is 9:45 PM. Olivia has gotten her first nebulizer treatment. We will probably wake her up later tonight for another. We have received several calls and e-mails expressing concern and best wishes.


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