Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Few today would refuse a call from a king to come to the wedding of his son—unless they considered that the call was not from a real king, not for a real prince, and not to a real wedding. Were the Jews justified in rejecting Jesus if they remained good Jews? The king was wroth, so that answer must be No, it is not sufficient to cultivate one’s garden, to be successful, to lead a good life. The king is calling, and we his servants are to go out and gather as many as we find, both bad and good, until the wedding is furnished with guests. And what will be a proper wedding garment? I think not a business suit and tie. I go further and say that no one who wears a business suit and tie is dressed for (I do not say he is unworthy of) the kingdom of heaven.

Read in The Center for Liturgy Sunday Web Site (Saint Louis University) the commentaries on today’s readings. How much do the commentators seem to be giving something, how little they seem be receiving something. Such must be the way of servants, who are not guests. But don’s miss the commentary by St. Augustine.


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