Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday, March 2, 2006

It being Wednesday yesterday, read as usual at noon Mass at Holy Cross. It being Ash Wednesday, there was a second reading to add to the first and the petitions. During the petitions my nose started itching and my throat was going dry. I didn’t know whether I would sneeze or choke first. At last, no sound came out of my mouth. I stopped, coughed, excused my self, and then was able to go on and finish.

We shall be vacationing in Hawaii this summer, as well as in Peak’s Island.

By tomorrow, O will have missed a whole week of school.

Decided to buy Dreyer’s Passion of Joan of Arc on DVD instead of attending the March 10 performance at the Cathedral. The DVD has Voices of Light. Will ask if the Adamses and the Holdens would like to watch with us.

Don’t know why people are still going to WRDS and Crosses.


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