Wednesday, May 03, 2006

There should not be a crucifix on the altar during Mass

5/6/2006: I recant this post.

Commenting on Where Altar Crucifixes Should Face:

Despite GIRM 308, a crucifix should not be on the altar during the Mass, for two reasons:

1. In the Mass, the Son is offered to the Father, who is greater than the Son (John 14:28). The Son should not dominate the Mass.

2. The real — the actual — presence of the Son is on the paten and in the cup. There should be only one Christ on the altar, just as there should be only one altar in the church (GIRM 303). I say one Christ on the altar, not denying in any way the priest as a second Christ, the people as members of the body of Christ, etc.

The crucifix should be near the altar “where it is clearly visible to the assembled congregation”, but not on it.

Added 5/4/2006:

I am not talking about what we know but about what we do. Yes, I disagree with Cardinal Ratzinger and the past 500 or more years about putting the Son above the Father. We know we do not, yet we do.



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