Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Last evening Jake and Irina treated us to dinner at the Mansion Hill Inn. Jake said he had seen Steve Stofelano at noon Mass at the Cathedral. I once served on a jury with MaryEllen Stofelno, and their daughter was baptized with ours.


Last night O had an overnight here with two friends.

2:45 AM

MARY: I wonder if they are going to sleep.

ME: I know that they are going to sleep, but I don’t know if they are going to sleep.

+ +

Jake asked if I’d like to go this morning to a “Centering Prayer Mini-Retreat” at the Abba House of Prayer. Fr. William Meninger will be speaking on “compassion meditation.”

+ + +

Well, Fr. Meninger didn't show up, nor was he expected to. The leader, Bruce Gardiner, intended to read from a book by Fr. Meninger. The door to Abba House was locked and the sister who has the key could not be reached, so we drove down a few blocks to the Church of St. Vincent de Paul and had the session there.

+ + + +

Four Cathedral parishioners, including Jake, were discerned as new members of the pastoral advisory council, to replace, in September, the four members who are rotating off the council. Before that, they will observe the June meeting, in which new council officers will be discerned.


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