Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thank you, Jesus. Will keep on praying as we go up to NP’s house in the hills above Berne for apple picking and cider pressing.

BW and MW’s birthday.

If the purpose of a college education is “enable us to know a good man when we see him,” then it may be said that in our day a college education fails at least half the time.

In the distant future when English is no one’s native language, the speech that contains the phrase I quote will be studied as an example of our best thought and best expression. Would that it were more often read today.


There were more people at NP’s than usual, including her sister’s family from North Carolina, who had flown up earlier in the week to celebrate N’s 60th birthday. So there was lots of help gathering apples, slicing them, and pressing several gallons of cider, but each family took home only a little more than a quart, in addition to pumpkins and other squash from N’s garden. It was a beautiful cloudless fall afternoon, cool in the shade and warm in the sun. Several chickadees landed on a young girl’s fingers to take sunflower seed from her hand, and the very large beaver that resides in N’s pond surfaced on its own good time often enough for everybody to see it (N told us that beavers are the only mammal that continue growing throughout their life). The tomato soup and the bread and cheese were, as always, delicious. A friend of N’s was there who said that she knew of my labyrinths and that they had helped her at a point in her life. There wasn’t time to ask her who at N’s had told her that it was I whose web site she had visited, or even how the topic of labyrinths had come up.


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