Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005

If we really want to be God’s image, we must be like Christ, for his is the image of God’s goodness and the perfect copy of his nature, and God foreordained that those he has chosen should take on a likeness to his son.
Lawrence of Brindisi

When we sin we deny—or do not see—that we are made in God’s image. In a secular society it is harder to perceive God’s image in life, in others, in ourselves—harder even to perceive that God’s image is missing. It does not follow that we are worse than previous peoples. It is our peculiar sin, or predicament, not to recognize images of God. In this situation, look to the man who is the perfect image of God, is God himself, Jesus Christ our Lord, the son of man, our brother. He who has seen Jesus sees God. He is the first. Follow him.

The coin bearing Caesar’s likeness and inscription must be given to Caesar, and the one stamped with the divine image and likeness must be given to God. We bear the imprint of your glorious face, O Lord.
—Lawrence of Brindisi, ibid.

When we drop our envelope into the collection basket, what are we giving to whom?


After mass WGO asked me if I would serve on the committee that will make recommendations on a new organ for the cathedral. Of course I said yes.


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